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Founded in 2013, Cannoid, LLC is a leading contract manufacturer for cannabinoid-based products. As one of the foundational companies in the space, we are the development and manufacturing engine behind many of the most dynamic brands in this emerging industry.

Our primary focus is the encapsulation of cannabinoid oils. We utilize modern, high-throughput softgel equipment and we employ state-of-the-art process control and quality management systems.


Our softgel platform offers nearly unlimited flexibility and precision to help our clients differentiate at retail and move projects to completion. We keep lead times and MOQs to a minimum and work to find ways to grow your brand.

Our clients rely on us for continued innovation and product differentiation. Our latest bulk offerings include immunity softgels with controlled CBDA and CBGA fractions, sleep softgels with CBN, weight loss softgels with THCV, and neuromodulation softgels with CBDV and other exotic, natural cannabinoids.


  • #20 oblong (1.0ml fill volume), #8 oval (standard 0.5ml) or ​#4 round Microcap (0.25ml). Custom tooling available with short lead time.


  • We can blend to any specification. We keep stocks of premium cannabinoid distillates and isolates and we blend custom minor cannabinoid-dominant profiles featuring CBN, CBC, CBG, CBDV, THCV, CBGA and CBDA, among others. We also keep hemp-derived terpenes on hand for oil amendment.


  • We can blend with any carrier oil. We keep a supply of organic hemp seed oil and MCT available at all times.


  • We inventory a wide range of gelatin to fit your desired performance specifications. We can target specific bloom strength and viscosity requirements for the application, and we have certified Kosher and Halal offerings if needed.


  • We can create stable emulsions and suspensions to encapsulate your water-soluble ingredients. We also provide a range of natural colorants to tint the softgel capsules.


  • We offer turnkey packaging capabilities to fit any softgel program, including shelf-ready pharmaceutical blister packs, POS boxes and casepacks for food/drug/mass accounts, PET and HDPE bottles for direct-to-consumer sales, and white label formats for resellers.

10mg CBDA 10mg CBGA s.png

We work with all types of clients in the hemp space:


  • We convert your crude, distillate, and isolate into premium, bulk softgels for immediate sale.

  • Short lead times and low MOQ's help extractors get instant liquidity on their cannabinoid raw materials.

  • Margins on softgels are much better than raw materials: extractors can attract and retain more customers by offering options for finished goods like our softgels and tinctures.


  • We will customize products sold under your new brand so you can stand out at point-of-sale.

  • With our 9 years of hemp and CBD expertise, we will help you get into the right product with the right packaging and pricing for your category or segment.

  • We offer a complete range of manufacturing options to the early-stage hemp company. Specify your preferred cannabinoid profile, softgel fill volume, carrier oil, and packaging format, and we will deliver.

  • We keep stocks of premium broad-spec and full-spec distillates on hand, as well as isolates of CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC and CBDV. We eliminate risk in your supply chain. 



  • Our quick leads and low MOQ's help us get your line extensions and R&D concepts to the shelf in the least amount of time.

  • We have a 1m softgel/day capacity. We operate professionally and efficiently and can save you a lot of money.

  • If you are already bottling softgels that works fine for us. More than 80% of our softgels leave the facility in bulk form.

  • If you need a shelf-ready solution, we keep an entire library of custom dielines available for labels, boxes, and casepacks. 

  • Our quality management system seamlessly integrates with your internal GMP controls. We are a 3rd-party audited, FDA 21CFR111 and 21CFR117 compliant manufacturer. 



  • Category leaders are always looking to stay ahead of the pack, and our retail-ready softgel programs are the perfect fit.

  • Our 0.25ml microcaps (pea size) packaged in pharmaceutical blisters provide very refined quality at retail.

  • Legacy CBD products are being replaced with ultra high potency, high value, unit dose offerings. We can pack 375mg of full or broad spec CBD in our #20 softgels!

  • Cannoid's quality management system has been operating since 2013. We turn 3rd-party GMP audits into opportunities to help you win contracts.


  • Cannoid contracts directly with academic research hospitals and pharmaceutical laboratories to manufacture research materials for cannabinoid trials.

  • Extremely accurate formulations and manufacturing controls make it easy for us to interface with principal investigators and study sponsors to support applied research.

  • For controlled studies we provide batch-level documentation for potency, fill volume, raw material, and placebo design. This helps the PI secure funding and stay compliant to sponsor and administrative requirements.

WholeFlower Microcaps 50mg.jpg

Cannoid enjoys a reputation for professionalism and value. We understand the demands on finished goods manufacturers and we work to remove impediments to their success.


Please contact us to discuss your project!

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