Cannoid was founded by Bill Arnold (our current CEO) in 2013, operating from a 500 sq ft analytical lab at the University of Colorado Health Sciences campus near Denver. In those early days, legal hemp extracts had to be imported (pre 2014 Farm Bill), so Cannoid became the first US-based, FDA-registered manufacturer with an import license for CBD.

There was a limited market for CBD products in 2013. Most of our finished goods were geared to the needs of the customers referred to us from physicians at the University hospital: kids and adults with degenerative neurologic conditions. When we weren't making consumer products we were conducting basic research on the oil and the active compounds inside: cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, etc. We were an applied cannabinoid research lab then, and we were lucky to have a full complement of analytical instrumentation available to us whenever needed.

Slowly the word got out that we were a "pivot point" for premium hemp extracts, oil formulation, and analytical testing. With the passage of the Farm Bill in 2014, an entirely new customer base emerged for us: extractors and brand-builders that needed custom CBD products built to spec. We immediately got very busy making tinctures, softgels, vapes, and topicals for the industry. At this point we also established a robust quality management system that is still the backbone of our facility 7 years later. 

In 2018 we made significant upgrades to our facilities and manufacturing capacities. We moved into a 12,000 sq ft building in Denver and built it out to accommodate our rapid growth in the softgel category. We added 4,000 sq ft of new clean room space specifically for formulation and manufacturing, and we added a much larger softgel encapsulation line to handle gelatin and starch (vegan). We then added our pharmaceutical blister pack machines and additional laboratory capacity and instrumentation to create oil emulsions and suspensions (homogenization and sonication). 

We see ourselves as a "full stack" lab for cannabinoid softgels. We can handle any cannabinoid assignment, and with our deep experience and passion for the cannabis plant, we constantly find ways to help our clients avoid the entanglements and pitfalls common to the CBD space.

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