The disruptive nature of the CBD business challenges companies to maintain focus on the smallest of details to prevent exposure to unnecessary risk. Cannoid's long history in CBD contract manufacturing allows us to easily shoulder the burdens associated with making good products. We seamlessly integrate with all functions of your enterprise and we are a rock-solid extension to your own internal quality management systems.

Proper manufacturing quality systems should focus on three main areas: 1) Control over incoming materials and supply chain; 2) Control over work in progress and manufacturing processes; and 3) Commitment to only shipping innovative, traceable, compliant, and shelf-ready finished goods.


  • All ingredients are quarantined and tested for contaminants, and in the case of CBD feedstock, compliance to federal THC limits and state cultivation registrations.

  • Our prized organic hemp seed oil is tested for peroxide value (PV) to detect oxidation (rancidity) before it is allowed on the floor.

  • All labels and boxes are inspected for adherence to specifications and quality before use.

  • Customer-provided oils are subjected to rigorous analysis and testing before they are allowed into production. We don't allow dirty oil on the floor, regardless of who owns it.

  • All bottles and caps are tested before use. You'd be surprised how often we reject containers that are out of specification or mislabeled.


  • Airtight control on the plant floor. Orders are processed through the system with control over every aspect of the manufacturing process. 

  • Every component of manufacturing is documented at the batch level.

  • Blended oils are assigned unique process-level lot codes to ensure they are never mixed up.

  • Personnel are trained to release product to assembly only after rigorous confirmation of specifications, customer ID, and lot.

  • All manufacturing processes are supported by the latest GMP protocols for safety, cleanliness, and personnel training.


  • Assignment of unique identifiers on all finished goods, including lot numbers, bar codes, QR-codes, expiration dates, and retail/shipping labels compliant to the latest logistics standards.

  • Comprehensive finished goods documentation, including COA decks, chain-of-custody forms, MSDS sheets, organic certification sheets, and hemp cultivation compliance and registration.

  • Efforts are taken to maximize shelf life stability, including bottle seal and shipping carton integrity testing. We also nitrogen-blanket our open systems (tinctures), we control humidity on gelatin products (softgels), and we use natural anti-oxidants to extend shelf life on raw carrier oils (organic hemp seed oil).

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