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  • Where are you guys located?
    We're just north of downtown Denver: west of I-25 between I-76 and I-36. Give us a call to schedule a tour!
  • How long have you been in business?
    Cannoid was founded in 2013 and has always been in the hemp and CBD business.
  • Can I send you pre-mixed oil for encapsulation?
    Yes, as long as you have proper documentation to accompany the shipment: potency COA with matching lot number; a complete list of ingredients; contaminant labs; etc. Also, pre-mixed oil must be free of debris, including residual plant waxes and extraction detritus.
  • Can I send you extract for encapsulation?
    Yes, most definitely. Start by sending us the potency COA and we'll calculate yields based on your specifications so you know what to expect in return. From there we can coordinate the inbound shipment and production schedule.
  • Do you make anything besides softgels?
    We do. Although our strong suit is encapsulated oil we also make sublingual tinctures. We have a wide selection of standard bottles and carrier oils for this application. We also do wax-based topicals (salve and balm).
  • What are your minimum order quantities (MOQs)
    Our minimum run is 51,000 softgels which requires roughly 26 liters of oil.
  • What do you charge for encapsulation?
    Gelatin encapsulation is $0.062/unit at the MOQ level. Discounting is available at higher volume.
  • What are your lead times (how long does it take)?
    Most custom encapsulation orders are completed in 7-10 days. We like to help our customers get to revenue as quickly as possible.
  • How strong can you make the softgels (max potency)?
    We can comfortably manufacture softgels that contain 375mg of CBD (or any other cannabinoid). These are perfect for the growing clinical segment of the market.
  • Do you have finished softgels for sale?
    Yes. We maintain a bulk softgel catalog with several standard potencies, sizes, and carrier oils.
  • What are your typical yields on a softgel run?
    Several factors affect final yield during encapsulation: 1. Defects. Our standard loss rate from defect is less than 1%. These are softgels that are mis-shapen and get sorted out during inspection. 2. Priming oil. 600ml of your starting oil will remain in the machine after the run is complete. This will be returned in a bottle, and of course, reduces your final yield. 3. Intentional overfill. Due to the vagaries of analytical testing, most clients ask us to slightly overfill each softgel. For example, if the specification calls for 500mg of finished oil, we may run to 505mg to smooth-out differences in testing accuracy. This will affect final yield.
  • Do you offer bottling and assembly services?
    Yes. We operate automated softgel filling and labeling machines with flexible tooling to accommodate any bottle size. We also have a pharmaceutical blister pack machine for premium presentation at retail. For customers that want shelf-ready packaging, we maintain a catalog of architectural die lines for labels, unit boxes, and retail display boxes.
  • Can I specify my own ingredients and potency?
    Yes. We have many customers that come to us with a certain specification in mind (size, potency, spectrum) and want us to simply provide finished softgels built exactly to their specifications. We keep large stocks of carrier oils and cannabinoid extracts, distillates, and isolates, so we can manufacture most anything to spec. We also offer 3rd-party analytical testing services for these custom runs so the process is turnkey.
  • Do you provide testing services?
    We do in-house testing for process control, but work with a number of accredited 3rd-party analytical testing labs for potency and contaminant screening on finished goods. We can coordinate testing for our customers or can set it up so they can engage the labs directly. For customers engaging Cannoid for R&D (new formulations) we can provide 3rd-party testing throughout the development process, as needed.
  • What's the best way to ship you oil for encapsulation?
    Anything 100 liters or more should be placed in a drum, palletized, banded and wrapped. We can arrange an LTL carrier to pick up from you. If you have between 26 liters and 100 liters of oil to encapsulate you can use UPS ground. Your pails or carboys should be specified for liquid, and you should use a double-walled corrugated box around the containers for extra protection.
  • Are you connected to the Entourage Hemp CBD company?
    Yes. Just after Cannoid was started we founded a consumer brand called Entourage Hemp. We maintain Entourage Hemp to facilitate distribution to consumers that come to us through physician or caregiver referral. This is our "outreach" channel where we can get cannabinoids to folks that need specialty formulations or extremely high potency mixes.
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