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Cannoid maintains stock reserves of premium-quality softgels available for immediate purchase. All are made with the best ingredients and are priced to move. Please call us for samples, COA's and the latest pricing. 303.514.5148 

Base Softgels

  • 15mg full-spectrum, organic hemp seed oil carrier.

  • 25mg full-spectrum, organic HSO.

  • 25mg ultra broad spectrum, organic HSO.

  • 50mg full-spectrum, organic HSO.

Immunity Softgels

  • 20mg CBDA + 20mg CBGA, Full Spec Raw, MCT.

  • 15mg CBDA + 10mg CBGA, Full Spec Raw, MCT.

  • 10mg CBDA + 10mg CBGA, Full Spec Raw, MCT.

Sleep Softgels

  • 25mg CBD isolate + 3mg CBN + 3mg Melatonin, MCT.

  • 20mg CBD broad spec + 5mg CBN isolate, MCT.

  • 20mg CBN + 20mg CBD + 4mg CBDV, organic HSO.


Specialty Softgels

  • 25mg CBD broad spectrum + 10mg curcumin, MCT.

  • 20mg CBD broad spectrum + 5mg CBG, organic HSO.

  • 50mg CBD broad spectrum + 5mg THCV, organic HSO.

  • 350mg CBD full-spectrum + 9mg CBDV, organic HSO.

  • 15mg Mitragynine, MCT.

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Our bulk program is perfect for a range of customer types:

  • New CBD brands that want to offer a complete catalog but don't want to over-commit to inventory.

  • Established CBD retailers that want to develop a line of branded softgels but haven't settled on label design and don't want to take a deep dive on inventory during the exploratory period.

  • Existing CBD manufacturers that need fast and professional line extensions without committing to large MOQ's or having to stockpile oil to make a purchase. 

  • Existing CBD softgel manufacturers that need immediate access to inventory to secure larger distribution, but don't have the resources or time to do it.

  • Assisted living centers, independent pharmacies, health & wellness co-ops and support groups: folks that need larger volume of softgels but don't need retail packaging.

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