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  • Soft Gelatin Capsules: any potency, any carrier, any time. We run tooling for #8 oval (jelly bean size) and #4 round (pea size). Purchase in bulk and pack your own bottles, or let us create a customized white label or private label program for you.

  • Tinctures: we make superb, naturally-flavored CBD sublingual tinctures. We only use highly-refined extracts and distillates from premium hemp flower, so the finished product is less bitter and smoother on the taste buds. Most customers purchase between 2% and 6% potency and have us add our proprietary hemp terpene mix to enhance therapeutic effect. Purchase in nitro-blanketed bulk bottles, in dropper bottles as white label, or labeled and boxed for retail sale.

  • Salve: sublime wax-based topicals for reducing inflammation and for soothing sore joints. Organic bases and premium CBD extracts work together with category-defining quality and effectiveness. Purchase in bulk, in blank tins, or fully-labeled and tamper sealed.


  • We fill and seal the containers, you do the labels and boxes.

  • Many stock sizes to choose from: 60cc clear PET to 150cc HDPE white pill packers for the softgels, lots of stock dropper bottles for the tinctures, and a variety of tins and jars for the salve.

  • Market your products across multiple channels simultaneously and reduce risk of "dead pallets" by labeling on demand.



  • Dial in your specifications and give us a call: we specialize in turning complex projects quickly and correctly. We can send you dielines for labels, boxes, and blister film, or you can send us art concepts that can be finalized by our in-house graphics team.

  • Let us take on the supply chain risk so you can focus on distribution. We deliver shelf-ready, compliant, and professionally-packaged finished goods.

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